Holy Cow, Another Contest and a Winner!

One more day to enter the Calendar Giveaway

I believe this is getting fun!
If I could afford it… I seriously would just GIVE them away to EVERYONE.  But I do have a budget… and a bank account that must stay in the black!
It’s great to see this interest in them though!  Keep on spreading the word!
For the last day of January… I was going to paint a tshirt to give away… I’ve been wanting to paint a tshirt since last August! and I still didn’t get it done.
(though I have been working on a “family tree” project… pics coming soon)
So… I looked around… and figured that if you’re fans of this blog and ranchlife… that I should help you look like a rancher!
I can’t give you a horse or saddle or pickup or chaps or cowboy hat… there’s that budget thing again… but I sure can pass along some brand new baseball caps!
We all wear them here… great for shade and bad hair days and for keeping your hair outta your eyes on windy days!  I’ve been a fan of hats since I was a kid.  Part of it was that I was just so fair skinned and this Wyoming sunshine was hard on me! Ditto for long sleeve shirts and jeans… covering up was the name of my game.
Here’s the deal…
With the Calendar Giveaway and Coffee Mug Giveaway… they’re just random.  Just luck.  So… this giveaway is for those Creative People out there.


If you’d like to win these…  a Northern Livestock Video Auction cap and a Tractor Guys, Inc. cap… and whatever else I might be able to find…
write me a story for Red Dirt
Photoshop a photo of mine
sew a Red Dirt pic in cross stitch
write me a poem/limerick/haiku
paint one of my photos in watercolor
sculpt Lucas out of mashed potatoes!
I don’t care!
Written entries can be posted here on the blog or over on my Facebook page… photos of your other creative entries can be posted on the Facebook page.  I’ll choose a winner based on creativity and presentation.  It’ll be fun to share your ideas about Red Dirt!
Be quick about it… the deadline for entries will be Thursday, February 2, midnight Mountain Time.
Holy cow, you better get crackin’!
And the winner is… NanNan811!  Send your snail mail address to Red Dirt In My Soul at GMail dot com (minus those spaces!) and your coffee mug will be on its way!  Thanks everyone for playing… you did that FAST!
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