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Last time I was here assisting Victoria and Matt with their newborn twins, I fed and burped and changed their disposable diapers… It was like riding a bicycle, it all came back to me.

This time it’s a bit different, I have a few things to learn.

Victoria has become a fan of cloth diapers.

I used some back in my day… The old huge ones you’d fold into vague triangles… Held by huge pins that poked either you or your squirming child… And covered by the crackly plastic pants that could no more keep wetness at bay than a leaky bucket.

Then came the modern advance of rectangular trifold diapers, slightly better, but never good enough to make me convert from disposables full time.

My how things have changed.

The twins have finally gained enough weight, coming up to nine pounds here soon, and their scrawny little legs are getting some fat on them. So they’ve been using cloth diapers.

There’s all-in-one diapers… A waterproof cover and layers of absorbent cloth sewn all together.

Or there are pocket diapers, a waterproof cover sewn with pocketed ends in which you can stuff the absorbent layers… Put more in if your kid wets a lot, or more in front for boys…

There are just the waterproof covers with which you can use the old style trifold diapers. But… Wonder of wonders… They WORK!

All of these styles are adjustable with a bazillion snaps everywhere. You can adjust the rise in the crotch, you can adjust the waistband, you can even adjust the length of the inserts if you want! Some have Velcro, as well. They have double gathers around the legs preventing most leaks.

But you know what impresses me the most? Diaper pins have been replaced. I know. I didn’t think it could be done either… But some guy invented Snappies… A three way elastic bungee corded claw. I’ll have to take a picture…. But it’s a pretty spiffy invention!

So while the initial investment is bigger (though Toria either got hers on sale or gently used, of course) these diapers should be able to last through potty training since they can be adjusted so much.

I know. It’s amazing. And educational. And be very very happy I didn’t take a picture of the diapers I changed after lunch today…

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