Minute Movie: Bull Sale

The trip back from Nebraska was long…

The interstate was agreeable for driving if you were a lone car… unfortunately, that’s not the case on I-25, and the blowing snow whiteout condition would envelope you whenever another vehicle was nearby.
It stunk.
I was extremely glad Vernon was driving (as he did heading down… so, NO, I DID NOT TAKE PHOTOS WHILE DRIVING 75 DOWN THE INTERSTATE)
Not that I haven’t taken photos out my car window…
I don’t know how he does it… the guy that falls asleep at 7 pm in his recliner can drive us all the way home late at night.  However, it took him 23.6 seconds after getting in bed at midnight to reach the snoring stage.  Me?  I get a crick in my neck from falling asleep while I should be looking for deer like a Good Shotgunner.
I managed to throw a quick Minute Movie together for you…
We leave the sunset over the Laramie peaks, spending the night in Cheyenne, with a nice visit with Brandon, Megan, and Quinlan at the Outback Steakhouse.
The next morning finds us flying east to Dix, Nebraska.  We’ve never been to the McConnell Angus bull sale before.  As usual, the guys have debated over the catalog, and we check out the ones they’ve circled as possibles.  I’m not too crazy about a few of them, Vernon’s not too crazy about some of them… He does stop and scratch #3’s face… the catalog said he was friendly and that was true!  My pick was #37, but Vernon, at first, dismissed him as too small.
Looking over the sale day info… turns out he wasn’t as small as Vernon thought… and a great PAP score with some “new blood” as well.  He took a second look… and put him on our short list.
We’d bid on a couple unsuccessfully, and watched a few others go up way too fast for us to even be included in the bidding… before the long wait for #37.  Why he was stashed closer to the end, I don’t know.
The video shows how fast a bull sale goes… and we didn’t win the bidding war.  He went to someone else, we did manage to get a bull there… just not him!

Bull Sale from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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