As Time Goes By


It’s difficult to blog without my camera anymore.
*I* was ready for my dog walk/heifer checking/craftiness today… but I had a DEAD camera.
Absolutely lifeless.
No AED was gonna revive it.
Sure, I had other cameras AT HOME… but that didn’t help out with today’s events.
I listlessly plugged it into the wall on my return… and moved off to other projects.
I accomplished some things…
I dehydrated the borderline veggies and fruit in my fridge.  I actually enjoy that.  Knowing that instead of pitching them in a few days… I’ve preserved them for later use, not waste!  Far from being a Prepper, I do believe in being Prepared.  I live a long ways from the store, which is another reason I chose to be an Emergency Essentials affiliate, too!  See the sidebar…
I sewed a great little bag today… perhaps a photo in the daylight tomorrow?… just a cute idea I just HAD to try…
Then, for those of you who are Pinterest-aholics… You may have seen various versions of the “Family Tree Wall”.  I wasn’t going to share this quite yet, because I’m not done enough… but since none of the other photos worked out…
Here’s my beginning…
You see this from my dining room.  Victoria’s photo of a gnarled old cedar tree… and my painting.


I kinda like it.
I’ve extended the limbs clear around the entire hallway… not exactly true-to-life, but who cares?  The photos I’ve been hanging are NOT visible from the dining room, at least so far.
I was planning to do this anyway… but thanks to Pinterest, I have a cool “theme” that keeps it all together!
I’ll share more photos as time goes by… or my camera dies… whichever comes first!
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