Bag It Up!

Here’s an easy peasy craft for you…

Got a “plastic” bag that your dog food comes in?  (Or chicken feed, horse feed, cow cake, or pig protein?)
Maybe you have a big sack of salt for your water softener or potting soil?
If it is woven reinforced plastic, not paper, GO GET IT!
Here’s mine.


We’re going to create this…
A shopping/beach/overnight/work bag!


All you need is the bag, scissors, marker, yardstick, and your sewing machine!
If you’re happy with the angled bottom, you can sew a ribbon right over the paper seal to conceal it! (ha!)  Cut it in half (taller would be too tall for most uses) plus you could sew two bags out of one.  You could use different handle material… like rope or braided twine… and simply sew a seam on the top edge.  Ta-da!  You’re done.
I had to be different.
First:  I wanted a flat bottom on my shopping bag.
Second:  I want to use the pretty picture… What’s the point if the horse’s head is cut in half?  Yuck.  That’s kind of Godfather-ish, don’t you think?
Third:  I wanted handles made out of the same bag…
Tune in Thursday for step by step instructions!
Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!
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