Bag It!

To begin your “feed bag”, cut off the bottom seam of your feed sack of choice.  Make sure you’re even with the lettering… stay fairly close to the seam.
Create “legs”… leaving the folded edges of your sack alone, just cut up and over, removing a rectangle from the front and back.  Hopefully, the image won’t be too distorted from this!  No slicing through heads of animals.  Yuck.
Your “legs” must overlap in the middle.  I have PLENTY of overlap… I could have backed off a bit and had my legs a little shorter (and shown more of that pretty palomino – oops)  The overlap helps with the strength of the bag, so you don’t want just a quarter of an inch, unless you’re carrying feathers or quilt batting.
Along the top edge, cut two strips about 2″ wide.  These will become your handles.
Go wash that sack out.  You might like the smell of horse cake or dog food… but the person you’re giving this to, may not!  (Then again, why are you giving it to THEM?)  Let’s just say, those crumbs will be hard on your sewing machine!
Go wash… let dry… pull out your sewing machine and come back tomorrow.
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