Only Fair

I rolled out this morning to help Vernon again.

But this time there was a different twist, for it’s my Bountiful Basket morning… meaning our food co-op was delivering.  I had to disappoint my dogs, telling them, “No.  Stay in the yard.”
What disappointed looks!
I drove my Durango to help feed, then took off for Ten Sleep.  I was filling my laundry basket with pink oranges and apples and spinach and other such goodies, when a friend of mine waved something in my face.
“Ha!  I beat you by two weeks!” J. said.
She showed me her gorgeous bag.
A feedsack bag.
A CHICKEN feedsack bag.
It was cool.
OF COURSE, we had to compare methods.  I happened to have my bag with me, full of goodies and snacks for a friend going on a trip this week.  So with some thought, we figured out each other’s techniques.
I’ll give it to J.
I think her method is easier.
Here’s the deal.
Tomorrow, hopefully with some creative work, I’ll compare the two styles… and you can choose whichever one will work for you.
It’s only fair!
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