Here’s Looking at You!

In between cleaning and cooking…  I browsed my seed catalogs… and made my decisions.

Though my garden is non-existent at this point in time… I will get my act together.
Even if it means calling in Vernon and his tractors to rip up the spot for me!
Back in the day, M. had a wonderful garden here.  I think she was probably 85 or older before they seeded it to grass and she had to give up her garden.  I usually FAIL at having a great garden… just one good enough.  However, since I seem to have more time on my hands… and with Brandon coming home after graduation to help out even more around here, perhaps I will be able to keep up with it.
Time will tell.
The seed order will be going in soon.
I need your help though… I want a new rototiller.  I’m tired of the humongous tank that has no reverse and runs only when you hold your mouth just right.  You’re my experts… so, what do you use?
Troy-built, Mantis, what?
What do you like and dislike about them?
Are they heavy?
Front tine or rear?
Thanks for your advice!
Rio had to follow me around like my dogs today… Here’s looking at you, buddy boy!
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