The Job Everyone Ha- Doesn’t Care For

“The job everyone hates.”

That’s the way Daniel described his afternoon chore of grinding grain.
We feed our calves extra grain rations during the winter… it helps them grow big and strong!  If we only fed them hay, like their mothers, they would put much of that energy into keeping warm and not grow as much.
Think of it as the protein shakes a body builder might drink… the extra calories transform into more muscle.
Since we grow our own grain, we must grind our own grain.  Grinding breaks down hard outer “shell” of the grain, letting them get at the “good stuff” inside.
Grinding grain is messy work.
Although the grain grinder machine does the work, there is no way to avoid the dust!
Itchy dust.
Icky-it-makes-me-break-into-hives kind of dust.
Dust that gets in your nose and lungs.
Dust that covers your clothes.
Dust that powders every little bit of facial hair.
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