Dirt Bag


I found out that you can paint with Red Dirt.
I found out I needed to improve my artistry… perhaps profiles would be easier?
I really really really wanted, though, to have my three dogs on a canvas bag.  I use canvas bags all the time… or recycled feed bags. 😉
So, I gave it a whirl.


Well, Lucas is better… Elsa is wonky… Dally is too dark to tell!
After washing… and I knew this would happen… the bag is VERY wrinkled and much softer.
All the paint I had to put on to get it to absorb into the canvas, due to its sizing or treatment, has faded away TOO MUCH.
Well, since I’ve ironed it, it doesn’t look too bad… still faint.  I’m going to try again.  The sizing is gone, maybe it’ll take the dirt easier now.
I paint over it… trying to fix some things… testing to see which “layer” will show through…
My conclusions?
Canvas bags, due to their rough texture and sizing, probably should be used for large logos or silhouettes… not detailed portraits like I have here.
Dirt is an interesting medium… Kind of hard to control… but I’m getting better.
Within minutes, I’d pulled out a tshirt… and was going for a finished product!
When I finish THAT one… I’ll share!
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