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As Daniel and Johnny went to a bull sale today… I became a hired hand once again.

The weather is absolutely brilliant… We have too much snow to just *instantly* disappear… so you *will* slip and slide… either on ice, slush, or mud!  Before too long, you’re shedding layers.  It was definitely tshirt weather today.
We ran to Worland yesterday… and there were farmers out planting grain!  Here our fields are still covered in white and too soupy to drive a tractor on unless you do it early in the morning while they’re still frozen!  Many times people have encouraged us to feed in the afternoon with the belief it cuts down on night calving.  That’s all well and good so long as you can feed on a dry field, but we must feed first thing or we’d just tear up our fields with our tractor!  Guess we’ll just continue to get up and calve at night!
Multiple times today I caught myself wondering, “What *IS* that noise?”  I’d soon realize I was hearing rushing water in every little swale.
This is Willow Creek.  Ten months of the year, Willow Creek has no water in it.  One and a half months out of the year, Willow Creek has little puddles scattered along its stretch… then there’s times like this.


Hopefully, we won’t be short of water in our reservoirs this year!  So far, so good.
I wish I could put a message in a bottle and send it down to the Gulf of Mexico.
I wonder how long it would take to get there from here?
It’s Q&A time, folks… Post your questions, as soon as I can talk without coughing, I’ll answer them!
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