Dog gone it!

I made you a Minute Movie today… then got interrupted and didn’t realize til JUST NOW, I forgot to upload it to Vimeo.
Well, then…
Let’s *talk* about calves.
We’ve always weighed our heifer calves… they’re in the shed, they’re handy, and we’ve had a scale in there FOREVER.  Time was beginning to tell on the Old Scale, though… and we decided to get a New One.
Which turned out a little bit more difficult than we’d assumed.  Nothing was quite the way we wanted… (get it?)
But we finally settled on this!
It’s a little more work than getting them to walk onto our Old Scale… You have to get their front feet in the hole, then wrap them with the webbing… then lift the rope onto the hook.
This is, obviously, nothing I will be doing by myself!
I told Vernon he needed a ramp he could walk them up, then have his scale on a swing arm he could swing out and away to let them dangle in mid air.  (I’m thinking that would also double as great fun for the grandsons in about 5 years!)
With this setup, you have to make sure those little hooves aren’t dragging on the ground!
Anyweigh, who needs Disneyland?
Keep sending in questions… I’ll kick this cough SOMEDAY!
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