Self Portrait in Reflection

I worked full time at the library this week… thank God for Daylight Savings Time or I never would have had a chance for the couple of walks I managed to squeeze in!  My dogs are about to go bananas… as am I… and I’d be looking forward to Saturday, but it is pretty well planned, too.

See, I’m putting on a Blogging 101 class at the library.
Like I know what I’m doing!
I *will* say I’ve learned a lot these past years… and I’m very willing to share that bit of knowledge.  I did call it Blogging *101*, y’know…
The Basics.
Blogging 201 is in a couple of weeks… with other guest Wyoming Bloggers in a panel type discussion… Kind of a Q&A Advanced Class with differing viewpoints!  That will be a kick in the pants… as I’m trying to get organized and form a Wyoming Bloggers Group!
So, I’m off to finish up my Powerpoint notes…
Here’s my “Self Portrait in Reflection”


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