Ukrainian Pysanky

I hope you got the memo.

Pysanky Class tomorrow at the library!
Yes, Easter will be here before you know it and you better start melting that beeswax!  There’s nothing like the sweet smell of beeswax to get you in that Easter-ish mood!
I had planned to film my vlog answers for you… but the winds never quit up here all day… just not too conducive to film production!
The smell of rain was thick in the air, but barely any made an appearance.  I guess the low pressure helped our cows along… We had 22 calves today!  That’s a lot of calves!  With luck, they’ll be the backdrop for my vlog when I get the chance!
Until then, your kistka is getting cold! Light that candle!  Melt that wax!


(Four stages of the Ukrainian egg dyeing process using wax resist technique aka Pysanky)
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