Good Timing


Are you ready?
Here is the birth of the calf that I teased you with the other day.
I did not edit this, because I wanted you to see the delivery in real time.  This is cow 437 (though I had told Vernon 431… oops!) and so this should be her 7th calf.
Old hat.
Just squirt ’em right out.
Well, ok… after being in labor a while…
After filming my Vlog, I had walked to the Durango and thought, “Hmmm… I wonder how close she is?”
She had been laying down when I arrived to film, and only when she stood up during filming did I notice the water sac.
I started the car, rolled down the window, and started to film.  Once I zoomed in, I could see she was close, so I stayed.  Sure enough, it wasn’t long til she pushed the head out, then the rib cage.
I left my car then, trying to get closer to make sure the sac was off of its nose so it could breathe.  blehblehbleh, yucky jumpy video… but then, whoosh!  I paused and zoomed in again, and could see the eye blinking and the sac was gone… so I just stopped and let momma do her thing.
You can hear the guys coming on the four wheeler for their afternoon rounds…  a few minutes later they were checking out “my” baby!
We had good timing, folks!
A Calf Is Born from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


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