I think I cannot think.
Too many things to do!
Blogging 201 is this Saturday at the library.  (I must finish my PowerPoint and emails and am I making cookies or not?  PS.  Remember to pick up food co-op baskets Saturday morning…)
Am I going to Shoshoni or Idaho?  Ugh.  A decision I must make, like, yesterday!
Am I going to buy that rototiller or not?
The Titanic Event at the library will be in 2 weeks… maybe I should start MAKING things for it!
This blog is almostalmostalmost ready to switch over.  Which just kills me.  To lose all my photos is like suicide for this blog… or rather like the scene in a movie where they say, “Take this poison, it’ll kill you… but don’t worry, we’ll be here to revive you!”  Yeah… right…
I have MORE moving and unpacking to do…
and shoveling out of my chicken coop/studio…
and moving of random pieces of junk from around this place… so I can mow without risking life, limb, or mower…  things are getting green!
I need a hired hand.
One that would think for me as well.
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