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For those of you in the area, Blogging 201 will be held at the Ten Sleep Library at 4 pm on Saturday, March 31, 2012.

I’ll be talking for a short bit on advanced blogging skills, then a few other bloggers will help me out with a Q&A session.
I recently loosely organized a Wyoming Bloggers Group and I figure tonight was as good night as any to share some other Wyoming bloggers with you!
Not that this is an exhaustive list by any means, but it’s a start!
From Ten Sleep, Alli at  Alli is a professional climber, climbing coach and author.  Yes, we have her books at the library.  Yes, she makes me feel very out of shape and fat when I see her… not intentionally, I just do that to myself… probably because I am very out of shape and fat!  Alli climbs all over the world, but loves and calls Ten Sleep home.
Also from Ten Sleep, Sarah.  Artist in various media as well as the tattoo world, Sarah is a newcomer to Ten Sleep.  Her blog is You might read about night lambing or her latest trip or project!
Jill has quite the following over at The Prairie Homestead.  I find myself wandering through her posts like I’m visiting with a friend, just bouncing from topic to topic, learning and relating and laughing.  She lives near Chugwater, remember the stories I’ve told about the Chugwater Formation?  Someday, I’ll be thrilled to meet her in person!
Just over in Worland is Mandy at  I’ve known Mandy for YEARS… and she actually worked at the library with me for a while!  Mandy’s blog is humorous, choke on your spit, why-didn’t-I-think of that? kind of fun!
Michell over at Girl In Air is a DIY-er deluxe.  Home decor, repurposing, crafts, you name it, she does it… including TV spots on a local station!  She’s won recognition for her projects and I think we could collaborate quite well together!  She just finished up a Fire Station for her young son… go check it out!
Then there’s Miss from MissInTheKitchen over in Kaycee.  She’s a ranchwife who loves to cook, unlike little ol’ me… and I’ve tried some of her recipes!  They work!  They’re good!  I LIKE that!  She, too, has quite a following, and is always trying some new ingredient or cookbook.. which makes it much more interesting than a standard cooking blog!
Amanda is trying to eat organically in Wyoming, and has tips and tricks for local (and otherwise) shopping sources as well as recipes.  Amanda lives in Lander and her blog is entitled Almost Organic!
In a similar vein is Millie over at RealFoodForLessMoney.  She journals about her switch from a Standard American Diet into a real/whole/traditional diet.  She has multiple links and even a 13 week menu plan!
Acres of Sage is our last Wyoming blogger.  Molly does a great job in a simple way of conveying life in Wyoming.  Inspired by nature, her writing reflects Wyoming’s diverse landscapes.
Not all of us will be there tomorrow, but come on by anyway or drop by their blogs and say, Carol sent you!
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