Knock on Wood



He pretty much has a perfect score.
That’s why… with a few other details pitched into the mix… Bubba won the spot for Dally’s suitor this year!
PLUS… and this was a Big Plus… he was 2 hours away!  An hour on scenic dirt roads, an hour of highway time, and boom!  There we were.
I met him and talked with his owner.  Then I watched him with the 14 month old daughter.  I watched him some more and petted him and lifted his paws and stuck my fingers into his mouth!  I scratched his belly and declared him satisfactory.
Now it was Dally’s turn.
She was not overly impressed at first… and kept coming to me for reassurance, protection, or confirmation that what she wanted to do was ok by me.  Giving her words of encouragement soon had her flirting and playing and barking and waving her tail in his face.
Bubba, at age 11, was a bit slower than young Hustler was last year (with his WhamBam style in my *Durango*, remember?) but they got the job done!
Rimrock Rimfire Dally and Bubba (Parmely breeding) will be parents in 62 days!  Knock on wood!
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