Right now… I hate this blog.

No, I hate the fight I have to go through for this blog.

The hours I’ve spent today trying to make a header in WordPress.

The fact that I can’t seem to be smart enough to transfer my old posts into WordPress so I can arrange or rearrange them or whatever.

Now I’m doing this post through Firefox and things again are a smidge different and I’m not happy here either!  Though it does look like the font may have straightened out.

I would throw this computer if I could, but then I’d be REALLY mad.

Plus the wind just BLEW all day, like I lived in Casper… and that just made me crankier!  I have things to do and I waste SO much time here.

There is a good thing happening tomorrow though… YAY!

P.S.  No, guess the font is still the same, sorry.  For those of you who were interested, I bought my gliders from Kilmer Creek.   They don’t know who I am, or have any interest that I love their gliders… but you can go check them out, anyway!


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