The Easter Egg

It’s been a busy couple of days, with kids and grandkids all here…

But they’ve all left now.
Silence reigns and a neglected English Shepherd lays at my feet!
Easter Sunday just might be a smidge quiet.
While they were here, I did, with Victoria’s help, manage to make you a pysanky video for your Easter Sunday morning enjoyment…
You can easily see the progression of this wax resist process.
When finally covered in dye and wax, the egg is blown, then the beeswax is melted in a low oven and wiped off.
Each design I took from Jan Brett’s book, The Easter Egg.
While mine don’t match exactly, I still believe the grandsons will enjoy reading this and matching the eggs to the book!
So, to W., W., and Q., Happy Easter!
(and to you, too!)

The Easter Egg from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

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