Ah, Well…


I was going to show you my new chicken tractor today… yes, you were all correct!  It’s finished, I just have to get it home!
But today was Cow Work.
If I’d had time this evening, I could have scooted down and maybe loaded it into the horse trailer… but we rode until 6 pm… and I threw together a basic supper… and then there was stuff to straighten out, and horses to put away, and dishes to do!
Cow Work with baby calves *ALWAYS* takes longer.
It didn’t help that the cows have never been this way before.
It didn’t help that it was a HOT day today.
It didn’t help that babies just don’t always know where their mommies are!
So the Chicken Tractor will have to wait…
I can share some teamwork photos, though!
Here’s Daniel trying to read the number on the eartag to see if it is a pair…


We, of course, want the momma and baby to leave together… so care is taken to see the eartags match.


In this shot, we have an extra calf… so some horsemanship is utilized as the sneaky little turkey tries to escape over the rocks.  He is turned back to find his mom, and the pair is left to head out of the bunch.
It kept us busy… and horses, dogs, and riders are all tired this evening.
Tomorrow they’ll finish taking them the rest of the way to the new pasture, but I’ll be hard at work in the Ten Sleep Library.
Ah, well…

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