Chicken Tractor!

Finally!  It’s here!

My chicken tractor is on home soil!
Although not quite complete, it is still “chicken move-in-able”… and that will happen fairly soon.
Well, gee, Carol… how come you converted the perfectly good chicken coop you had into a puppy coop… and then built a chicken tractor?
*I will always have more dogs than chickens.
*I’m lazy and don’t want to clean a chicken coop.
*I will always have more dogs than chickens.
*I’m lazy.
I only want 5 chickens.
I want to move their coop around so the majority of their poop is simply instant fertilizer and I don’t have to shovel!
If necessary, the puppy coop can be used as a chicken coop still… but the tractor will get a good workout this summer!
I hope to add a few more things:  primer and paint.  vents.  window.  better wheels.
But for now…


Isn’t she cute???


More details to come…


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