Storm Clouds

Brandon, Megan, and Quinlan were here this weekend… Brandon was giving a talk on weeds for a Backyards/Barnyards class.

They left today and although I helped Vernon for just a bit… the rain/sleet/hail/snow set in and the rest of the day was spent ignoring the yukky weather (but great moisture!)
That basically is my excuse for STILL not making a new Vlog Q & A…
and I *WANT* to answer your questions and reply to some of your great comments!
Tomorrow, we’re kicking more cows out, but I’ll see if I can’t get *something* done!
My new rototiller is here… my chickens are coming soon… and we’re cowboying… boy, it doesn’t get much better than that!  Stay tuned this week for all of that fun!
I’ll gift you with some storm clouds… though it sounds like you don’t need this in some parts of the country!




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