Continuing Education

Well, this is rather going to crimp my style! I have two questions into GoDaddy to figure out what my problem is… but all of the tools that are usually here have disappeared… That means I can’t upload a photo or link to past posts or change my font. And loading a video??? Forget that as well! Ah, LIFE. Isn’t it just EXCITING SOMETIMES?????? After riding yesterday afternoon… which was immediately followed by a meeting last night… I ran and gathered up my five new chickens!!! Yay! Sorry I can’t upload a photo, though! They’re trying to figure out their new life. Ramp walking was PRETTY STINKING SCARY there for a while… Water was different… and it will be again as my waterer is leaking… but, get thirsty enough, and you figure out where water is… The dogs are ready to eat chicken for supper, though. Or lunch. Or a snack. We’ve had some pretty serious discussions but it’s going to take a bit before I convince them that I WANT those fluffy, flappy things around! Hopefully, all five will make it through unscathed while I continue to educate my three English Shepherds. It will continue to be an education for all of us!!! (Once, again, my apologies for whatever is happening with this blog.)

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