Cowboying is Complete

My company left… and literally within minutes, Vernon handed off his horse to me, and I was back “on the job.”

It was a tad hot to trail cattle today!
The thermometer said 81º after we finished lunch!
Cows are wrapped in thick leather and black hair and a winter of laziness in the fields has them out of shape!  They drug their “hooves” for the first uphill hike, then as it leveled out and went a smidge downhill, they were lined out and MOOVING.
The last mile is a fairly good pull and they needed a bit more encouragement to make it those last hundred yards!  The gate is on the top and with a little more pushing and VOILA! our last bunch is out in the hills!
Fifty head were paired up in just a few minutes.  For the most part, it was just double checking the matching eartags!
We loaded up the horses and headed home for a nice cool drink…
Cowboying is complete… for a few weeks!


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