Summer Read


It was another warm and wonderful day in Wyoming…
You can watch the fields grow right before your eyes!
We’ve all turned from cowboys into farmers… the guys getting water going and prepping the fields… me, I’m mowing my lawn, transplanting bushes, staining my gliders, and working on flowerbeds and the garden.
In between these jobs, when the ice tea in my house calls my name too loudly, I grab that cold glass, droplets sweating around its sides, sit down, and take a break with Staking Her Claim: Women Homesteading the West.
I’m finding it fascinating… I didn’t realize how the early 1900’s were full of “Back to the Land” movements!  The government was concerned about how many people were leaving the farm for city work.  Popular magazines wrote many stories on woman homesteaders, otherwise virtually forgotten by history books.  I see the same things today… the rise in interest in vegetable gardening and canning, home-cooking, and “homestead” techniques, and, yes, chicken tractors!
Plus there are stories of multiple places in Wyoming… Ten Sleep and Worland included!
So if you need a summer read to go along with your ice tea… check your local library!
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