Strange Sight

I came home from work yesterday to a strange sight.

There, in the grass, not far from my chicken tractor, was a shredded black plastic bag.
At least, that’s what I thought it was.
A few steps towards it, and I questioned my initial reaction.
No, not shredded plastic.
Black feathers.
Black Australorp feathers.
A glance towards the chicken tractor told me part of the story.


Lucas, tail wagging, walked around the corner of the garage.  I had left him in the yard that morning.  The girls proceeded to bark at me from the safety of the yard.
Quick conclusion… the girls were innocent.
Lucas was not.
He hadn’t eaten the chicken, just stopped it from fluttering and flapping.  In his English Shepherd mind, order was restored.
We’ll skip the ugly part that followed… but tonight… tonight a tough 2″ wire mesh encircles the coop.  If Lucas tries to go through that… I’ll have a veterinary dental bill to pay!
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