Horribly Tough Job

With the weather finally kicked into summer gear, we are all running around…

trying to finish up this and start that…

repair this so that will work…

figure out how to do this and get it done before the sun goes down!

My list has grown now to include the outdoor stuff.

Last year I was determined to just finish up the house (which I have failed to do…)
and leave the yard to itself…

Now, I’m ready to jump in and fix up my yard.

I’ll introduce you to a few more things as time goes on… but, as often happens here… the guys needed another hand.

That means me.

That means my list is placed on hold so I can help them.

To get going on our irrigation means spreading the pipe back out around the fields…

I get the horribly tough job of driving the four wheeler that pulls the pipe trailer!


The guys grab the appropriate size… and lay them out end to end.

I drive.


On occasion, there’s a pause for “What if we do this?”  “Well, wouldn’t this work?”  “If this was that way, we could do it.”


“If the line went this way more…”  “Hmmm.  Good idea.”


I had to recover from the kink in my neck from watching behind the four wheeler.


During discussions, I tried to soak up the sunshine.

I discovered a four wheeler makes a poor hammock.


I told you it was a horribly tough job.

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