I say this every year…

If only I could photograph branding instead of working, I’d have much much better photos to share!  As it is… they’re OK.

I was kept hopping the first bit as our first ropers were catching calves right and left.

The camera barely left my pocket.

Then as other ropers took their turns, we switched to steady, but not rushed… and I’d yank the camera out of my shirt pocket and snap a few as Vernon applied the “A’s”… then I’d rush to connect the two “A’s” with my bar.

Anyway… a few scenes from yesterday’s branding…

One down, one to go!


Ropers leaving the pen… what a gorgeous day it was… though plenty warm!


Two on.


The Aussie, the English, and the Border.


For those of you that appreciate, uhm… chaps… and cowboys!

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