Name of the Game

A little fox kit strikes a pose almost identical to a photo I took for the March 2011 entry on last year’s calendar…


This time there are either 4 or 5 kits, although I never seem to catch them!

Obviously, at least for those of you living in the general area, this wasn’t taken today!  Rain and fog and cold were the name of the game today.

I spent the day inside, once again cooking and babysitting.

The guys will probably have a big day AI-ing tomorrow… so I’ll go capture some of that action.  Victoria, Matt, and the twins are here as well, so if the weather’s nice, we’ll all try to get out at some point!  Victoria is a big help with AI-ing… seeing as how she is the one who originally took the class…

Sorry this is so short AGAIN… but family always triumphs over blog!

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