Fingers Crossed

Artificial insemination.

It’s what we do for our Memorial Day celebration.

Our young heifers, the ones we’ll be calving out next spring, are busy, hopefully, getting pregnant this weekend.  After much debate, and checking records, and discussions, and looking at lists… the guys decided which semen to buy, and which heifers would be a good match for that semen.

Then it comes down to synchronizing their heat cycles so that these days are spent by Daniel, Brandon, Victoria, and S. with their arms up the inside of those heifers, slowly guiding the little swimmers to their new home.

Sounds so much more fun than going to a rodeo or a dance or a picnic over this holiday, doesn’t it?

It works for us… extra help is able to come… and it times it correctly for next spring.

So, fingers crossed, we’ll have good success… and lots of great looking calves!


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