Instead of working on a Minute Movie for you starring the fox kits…

I was busy.

I drove 47 miles to get my hair done in Worland.

And shopped.

And shopped.

And drove 47 miles home and unloaded.

And changed clothes and reloaded my Durango.

And drove 20 miles back to Ten Sleep.

And decorated.

And set out food.

And hosted a bridal shower for Megan.

And had a fun time.

And drove 20 miles home.

So… How was I supposed to fit in making a movie today????


Sometimes I set my goals too high and just get frustrated when I don’t accomplish what I want!

So, instead of my movie, I’ll put out this question to you intelligent internet people, especially those of you that like genetics.

Little shaded sable English Shepherd puppies will have a little black triangle on their tails… which basically is where their shading starts from and spreads.  Guess what I noticed on these little fox babies?




Is this how shading always starts???

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