Thank you, thank you, so much.

Your kind words have meant a great deal…

Dally is doing fine.

A shot of oxytocin this morning just to make sure there was nothing left inside… and she’s happy being Momma.


to the good news!

Five puppies… 4 girls and a boy… and they seem like they’ve grown already!  Four, for sure, are tri-colors.  The firstborn, a large girl with a wide white blaze and a glorious star in her forehead, at first glance looks like a tri.  Shepherd spots, tan cheek patches, tan legs… but only her spine is black black, her sides look like a really dark shaded sable!  She’s going to be interesting to watch and see what her color does.

Another one also has a star… the little one *could* have had a star if just a smidge of white would have cooperated.  One has a “creative” collar and blaze, and the male has nice markings as well.

(I’m resisting launching into “One Fish, Two Fish…” this one has a little star…)

Only one has a name.  The littlest girl.  But perhaps I’ll save that for later…

Again, thanks for your well wishes…

BUSYBUSYBUSY week ahead.

Something about a 2012 Blogher Voice of the Year Award…(!)
Moving cows…
Branding calves…
Moving cows…
Question and Answer Time (you know the drill… leave a question in the comment section)…

And, oh, yeah… A WEDDING.



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