Crazy Week

Got to ride for a bit today, and since it was a short trip, I took Lucas along.  Unfortunately, I was a bit late (another story…) and we had to trot a mile and a half to catch up to everyone.

As you know, Lucas wears out easily… and I swung him by the creek for a quick dip and drink.

That never seems to last very long.

He makes up for lack of water by rolling in fresh green cow poop.

I believe it’s the evaporative action…

or maybe I’m just trying to justify objectionable behavior.

He was thrilled to work however… although he and I were very happy it wasn’t longer than the 2 highway miles! (plus the 1.5 to just get started)


Tomorrow is branding #2.

Lasagna, bread, lettuce slices, corn, a small pasta salad, and desserts.

It’s supposed to be HOT… so hopefully I’ll have enough to drink!

Cameras will be charged.

Let’s hope I have time for a photo or two!

Sorry, there’s not time for more, but Crazy Week continues!

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