Bad News/Good News Kind of Day


I’m about to tip over, but had two things to share with you.

Good News first or last?



Bad News:  This morning I found tiny little Rimrock Mesa (aka Mae) had passed away during the night.  She was small, and then had a rough night, getting chilled, and, honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to share that she was doing so badly.  I had her perked up and sucking for a bit, but I guess the odds were just stacked against her.

So Dally has lost another pup.

We’re down to four.  I know everyone on my puppy list is nervous, but word should be coming soon if you’re still in the running.  I will force myself to sit down and figure it all out!  G.B., no worries, you were on the top of the list and remain there!

Good News:  For the second year in a row, one of my blog entries was chosen by BlogHer as a Voice of the Year winner (Visual division)!  Score!  It is an honor!  Seeing as how I describe Red Dirt as my *photographic journal of daily life on a Wyoming Centennial Ranch*, it’s nice to know that the people that reallyreallyreally know blogging also like some of my pictures!

Which entry, you may ask?

The Whisper of Hay Dust

Funny thing about that entry… it also inspired Stephanie Adams, a member of the Chloe Rattlesnake band.  She contacted me about the song she had written after reading that post!  She has sent me a demo mp3 of the song entitled Flirty Ghost.

Just something about that entry seems to resonate with people…

If it ever gets to the final recording, my name will actually be on the copyright along with Stephanie.

Isn’t that just so cool/spiffy/awesome/amazing?????

Thanks, BlogHer and Stephanie!

and to Rimrock Mesa (my little ghost) thanks for coming by to say hello, if only for a few days… your sweetness lingers on…


(flowers for Mae)

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