I’d Like To Introduce To You…

This weekend was the wedding… so I had an excused absence from blogging last night!

Let me update you!

Brandon and Megan chose to be married next to the original Joe Henry homestead… the same place we had our Centennial Celebration 3 years ago.  However… 99.99% of the time… it is also our little horse pasture next to the corral and barn.

Horses leave you presents.

So do ancient cottonwoods.

It went from this…


to this!


The scene wasn’t the only thing to undergo a transformation…

Check out the best man and groomsmen!


(and groom and preacher!)


The photographer was AWESOME… so I didn’t worry a bit about taking my own photos… though I did sneak a few at the end.

Ladies and gentlemen of Blogland, I’d like to introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Greet!


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