Four Bear

I debated today on whether or not to make my Q&A Vlog for this month.

However, I decided to forget about it… my eyes are puffy, my nose is plugged, and I am sneezing frequently!

Yes, once again… it is allergy season for me!




With luck, Daniel will come up here tomorrow and cut down this beautiful grass field by my house, and perhaps I’ll be able to breathe again.

Waking up with your eyes glued shut is just miserable.

I should have filmed puppies, or made the Bear Movie, and I did neither.  It was too gorgeous to sit inside by my computer!   I ventured out into the pollen ladened world and urged my seeds to come up in my garden, threw water at the grass in hopes of staving off the urge to turn brown, and chinked on my studio walls!

Perhaps I’ll drive out of the pollen tomorrow and let my eyes un-puff and make the Vlog.  Plus the puppies now have their temporary names… and are FAT… As usual, I’m behind schedule!  For now, a pic or two (or four) of Mr. Bear.

He’s not too stressed I’m photographing him… his eyes are CLOSED!  And, yes, he has tags in his ears.  You know that trouble bear they captured out of your town?  I think I know where he is…


Shifting positions…


Kids, cover your eyes!  It’s DEFINITELY a BOY bear…


This one… four paws with claws!  (Yes, his right hind leg is wedged in the fork of the tree…)


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