Sweet Face

Today I had to take the pups on a Big Adventure.  Believe it or not, it was 2 months ago they were born… my, oh, my!

Which, in the world of creating working partners, means these puppies are now ready for their next stage of life, bonding with their new owners in their new homes.

Sweet leaves tomorrow.

Dear little Not So Sweet.  The one, I believe, with Lots of Gumption and Aggression to work many a cow on down the trail.  Not that the others won’t, but she has the necessary hard-headedness on a higher level.  She just might be a handful.  She better learn some rules, or this one will make up her own!


She’s headed to Montana, to join with Sage, Billy, Shackleton, Cinch, and Husker.  She (obviously) makes the sixth I’ve sent up to Big Sky Country!


Things just may get a tad bit quieter around here…


My garden/yard/shoes/arms just may get a chance to heal from less abuse…


But I’m gonna miss that Sweet Face!

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