Sad Tale

First, I’d like to say “HI!” to any new readers out there in Blogland.  This weekend is BlogHer ’12 in New York City.  Since I managed to be chosen as one of their Voice of the Year (visual) winners, more than a few people might see my name/blog for the first time!

Welcome to Wyoming!

I have great and loyal readers… I hope some of you come back and join us!

Meanwhile… back at the ranch…

Well, technically, we weren’t on the ranch yesterday.  Vernon and I took little Sweet to meet her new owners.  They’re from Red Lodge, Montana, but we met them in Powell, Wyoming.

Sweet *was* sweet on the ride up… laying in my lap, snoozing, occasionally chewing on my fingers for a bit… enjoying the air conditioning plus the bottle of ice I had for her to lay on and lick…

The transfer went well… and I’m thrilled with Alison and John, knowing they’ll have enough work to let Sweet be a Happy Dog!


We soon headed out towards Cody.  Halfway there, we saw the new Heart Mountain Interpretive Center.  Vernon actually turned off the highway and we toured the new museum!  I was thrilled!


It tells an interesting story… one that’s hard to understand with our current knowledge.  The forced internment of Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, when life was unsure and scary and tenuous, is not a glowing spot in our history, but it happened.


The Center did a wonderful job in covering many of the aspects of life at Heart Mountain, and I’d encourage you to take it in, should you be in the area!


It is truly a sad tale, but one we must not forget.

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