Cute Accessories

I’ve managed a few days work in my studio…

Remember that project?

I don’t touch it for weeks, then get a few days of productivity!

The electricity has been installed.

I’ve filled some hard to reach gaps with foam insulation.

I’ve torn down the top row of chicken nest boxes.  They were tipping forward and  I couldn’t figure out how to repair that without pulling them off and reworking the whole setup.

While they were off, I decided it would be easier to insulate the wall behind the boxes… sequences, you know?


Of course, I have three special helpers.


They now are accustomed to power tools and cussing.

New Owners, you’re welcome!

I try to expose these pups to lots of experiences!

(Please also notice how Tully is partially covered in dirt.  Reb needed to improve his bed, and Tully didn’t seem to mind the extra layer of dirt!)

Someday, this studio will be livable… though the accessories won’t be as cute as they are right now!

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