Surround Yourself

Yesterday, a woman and her husband stopped in…

Someone who had worked on this place back when it belonged to the former owner…

Back when our children were little, babies, and being born…

Back when I was SO SO SO happy to have people MY AGE finally around the “neighborhood”.

Back when we were learning our way… around ranches, around husbands, around kids, around the lifestyle that living way out in the boonies brings!

We were “crafty” together… selling stuff at craft fairs, trying to make those few extra dollars!  While girls today have jewelry parties or candle parties… we had “craft” parties… selling cross-stitch kits or other needlework.

She’s still crafty… and just wait til I take photos of the presents she brought me!

Thank you, J!  I’m so glad you stopped by to see me!!

Then, on my trip to Worland today… I ran into someone else.

A man that made a big impact on my life even before J. knew me.

This was back…

hold the phone…

when I was 19!


That sounds so awfully young!

Let’s go to the Way Back Machine…


(putting on the one and only shoe I’ve ever put on a horse!)

And here we are today.


Yeah.  Amazing.

I’ve been very blessed to have people like this in my life.

The ones that teach and support and challenge and laugh and enjoy.  Surround yourself with good people, it really does make a difference!

Thanks, Nate!

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