Minute Movie: Moose!

Vernon and I went to Deer Haven Lodge last night for our anniversary dinner.  The New York Strip was excellent… well, it all was, even the salad!

Instead of heading straight home, Vernon decided to take a drive up to West Ten Sleep Lake… a popular campground.

Evening was falling and the scent of rain was in the air.

After another day in the ’90’s, the breeze felt irresistible.

We left the parking lot, crossed the scenic bridge over Ten Sleep Creek, and there he stood.  Paused in the open park was a bull moose.  Unconcerned, he posed for a bit, thankfully, as I fought my point and shoot camera in the low light conditions.  I kept clicking away, modifying settings, hoping to get a good shot before he tired of the attention.

Finally, I wised up, and just used my video setting!

It was time for another scenic Minute Movie anyway!

You get a better feel for his size, his laid back attitude (well, at this moment… moose can get nasty at times), and his love for aspen leaves…


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