Always Exciting

So the excitement of the day?

Daniel came running over from the shed, looking for me and my dogs… a black bear was coming down the highway and crossed the cattle guard on the road into my house!

I was working on my studio but came out to see the ruckus, my dogs went crazy, and the bear headed south, straight for Brandon’s house.


Daniel and I and dogs jumped into my little truck and zipped over to Brandon’s, hoping Megan and Quinlan weren’t outside in the swimming pool!  Thank goodness, they weren’t, as the bear climbed the tree by their front porch.


Turns out, this is the same bear I spotted earlier this year… Mr. Bear has been spotted in many a yard this summer, his two blue eartags giving him away.

He scooted back out of the tree and ran off.


Ranchlife is always exciting.

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