From Rags to…

Well, maybe…


If I could REALLY make it through a day where I could sit on the couch and do NOTHING else, I could either finish that dastardly baby quilt, or the new project… my rag rug.


I know… the babies are almost a year old… but the quilt is a use-at-grandma’s-house-only quilt anyway…

And the rag rug is much much quicker! and much cooler to have in your lap!  It’s hard to make a quilt when it’s 100º outside!

I think I’ll make a slide show tutorial on the rug if anyone is interested… That should be much faster than individual postings.

But the initial tip if you’d like to make one of these…  Go get your old sheets, or buy some at a garage sale, or pick up the colors you want for $1 each when cheap sheets are in the bargain bin like I did!  There’s a lot of fabric in a queen flat sheet for only $1!

Thanks for the get well wishes for my spider bite/foot… It does feel much better, and I will take all my meds… Thanks for the concern!

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