Notable Accomplishment

Honestly, I don’t do too much when I have company…

A few meals…

Some diapers…

You know?

But while sitting around visiting, letting the kids listen and watch to “Smule”, I found another neato app for my iPad.

(Of course, neato and iPad, are of the same generation of vocabulary, right?)

It’s called Notability… and even though it’s great for taking notes with either handwriting or typing… the fun part is you can draw!

So I did.

This was my accomplishment for the holiday weekend!


I’ve even gone back and made it a tad better… but, what fun!

I take my accomplishments where I can find them…

(Notability does not know who I am or know that I enjoy their product… and has not compensated me in any way!)

What’s your favorite app?

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