We Amaze Me

Gee, Carol, how many horses can you fit into your horse trailer?

Well, today, obviously a few more than the six we usually squeeze in there!



I’ll say it first.

You might be a redneck if…

Instead of getting a car hauler, you decide you can fit a Ford Ranger into your 16′ horse trailer!

Which, it did… except that it was just a smidge too long (and we were worried about the side to side!).

Solution:  take off the horse trailer end gate and just lay it on the bed of the Ranger.


It worked and we made it home… on back dirt roads OVER the Big Horn Mountains!

Too bad I was too busy helping load it to take more photos, and I’m working, so I won’t be around to take pics of them unloading it tomorrow…


we amaze me!

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