Definitely A Blessing

The past three days, I’ve had a visitor.

While I’ve had to dress up and work at the Ten Sleep Library, my visitor has donned work clothes, gloves, and air mask… and he’s shoveled out my chicken coop/studio!



My sweet sweet nephew, R., came up on his way to Billings and has sweated and shoveled and loaded and unloaded years and years of chicken poop, straw, and dirt!

Half of the studio was well composted… and he hauled it to my garden AND SPREAD IT AROUND FOR ME… so all I’ll have to do is rototil it!  The other half was still in large part straw, that side got tossed into my compost heap and we’ll let it age a bit more!

Do you know how long it would have taken me?

Do you know how miserable I would have felt?

But he did an excellent job!


Unfortunately, my “before” photos don’t show that much of the floor… but the “after” photos speak volumes.  The straw flooring was three to four inches from the top of the cement… Now, there’s lots of room!  I’ll have to bring some gravel or something in before the floor can be poured, but…


He found buckets full of canning jar lids, bones, coal, and creepily enough, 2 mummified dead cats!  Yeah!  I’ve been walking around on dead cats for a few years!  Bleh!  They were 10″ under the surface… but… still… yecch!

No gold.  No silver.  That he told me about.

It is amazing progress, and R. can come visit me anytime!  He is definitely a blessing in my life!

Thank you, thank you, R.!  I love you, man!

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