Cat – I Remember You Now!

Ten Sleep Library had Cat Urbigkit, author and photographer, for a Meet and Greet tonight.

Since Cat lives 30 miles south of Pinedale, Wyoming, the library has all her books.  If nothing else, Wyoming libraries support their state authors!  Most of her books qualify as children’s books, and they’re popular.

They are tales of sheep, livestock guardian dogs, sheepherders, puppies, antelope, and lambs.

Cat is lucky enough to be able to use her own photographs, so they’re the Real Deal.

She also has two books for adults (because if you say adult books, that’s a whole ‘nother realm!)  One is on the Yellowstone wolves, the other is brand new, entitled Shepherds of Coyote Rocks.  I bought that one!

If you’re looking for more books about Wyoming, the lifestyle, and the land… I’d definitely recommend Cat’s books.

You won’t go wrong.

Don’t forget!  Post your questions about ranchlife/dogs/projects/Wyoming/miscellany right here… I’ll answer them Friday!

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