Another Day Done

We preg tested and weaned our last little bunch today as well as helped the neighbors with theirs.

We’ve leased some pasture from them, so it’s easy enough to do…

You just have to play Shuffle the Cows!

Gather our bunch, sort off the calves, start pregging and start hauling the calves away in the horse trailer.

Our cows go out into the pasture.

Then we’re done pregging and our cows go this-a-way, while they bring the neighbors’ bunch in that-a-way.


Vernon’s still hauling weaned calves.

We’re done with the neighbors’, and their cows and calves go over there.

We eat lunch.

Vernon returns and Daniel and Brandon and Johnny and Megan haul off a load of calves, while Vernon eats and we pack up lunch and leave.

A few more loads of calves and we borrow a trailer to haul our horses off.  Any idea why we don’t haul our horses down in our trailer?

Another day done.


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