Quaint Character

Those calves we weaned yesterday?

We vaccinated, weighed, and poured them today!  We did, however, wait until after lunch as it was RAINING again this morning!


About halfway through, Johnny switched with me, so I ran the scales!  And I had that thought again… why can’t I remember Windex when we’re coming here?  The windows are almost impossibly filthy.

I also wonder how much we could accomplish if we just would take an afternoon… all of us… and work on the inside!

We could patch holes and caulk and wash windows and hang up supplies or build a shelf and pitch trash and even, EVEN! maybe put in that window Johnny’s been wanting for years!

Then I decided I should just think the scale house has CHARACTER and is slightly QUAINT… and then I grabbed the camera.

My job… weigh and write it down!


The view from the doorway…


Branding irons…


“Someone… anyone?  I brought you a STICK…  Puh-lease?”


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